Try PrimeOCR

Send us a few scanned pages from your OCR conversion project.  We will run the images through PrimeOCR and return the results to you, unedited, so you can see the difference voting OCR can make in improving recognition accuracy.

Reviewing the OCR results, character by character is the only true way to compare the recognition accuracy for a given document set.  Different document formats and images with varying scanned quality will render different results from one OCR software to another affecting the overall OCR accuracy.

  • OCR results from PrimeOCR will be returned to your email.
  • When submitting images please include any unique requirements you may have for processing the scanned pages.


  • After reviewing the results from PrimeOCR contact us for details to download and install the evaluation software
  • Call (425) 895-0550 or
  • Contact our sales team at