PrimeView provides functionality to set up, modify, and save job template files for submitting jobs to PrimeOCR. It can either run on a stand-alone computer or in a network environment.
Templates define what settings to use during OCR, such as pre-processing image enhancements, type of zoning, zone definitions, and what format of output should be generated.
With PrimeView users define parameters to process individual images, entire directories or an entire volume through PrimeOCR’s Job Server with a simple point and click.

Define Text Zones and Image Zones

Each page, of a multi-page scanned image file, can be viewed and zoned by the user using PrimeView.  Scanned pages of books, journals and newspapers may contain columns that are difficult to identify in the correct text reading order.  PrimeView provides a method by which the accuracy of the reading order can be improved by manually defining zones on each page and by distinguishing which parts of the page are text and which contain graphics.

PrimeView can also be used as part of a workflow that can include PrimeOCR and PrimeVerify to generate accessible, 508 compliant, PDF output.  Users can use PrimeView to manually define the correct reading order of text on a scanned page, as is required by 508.  PrimeView also includes features that allow for the user to provide the alternate text that is required for each graphic on each scanned page.  All data collected using PrimeView is collected into a template file that is later used by PrimeOCR or PrimeVerify to create accessible, 508 compliant, PDF output.  The software includes several features that allow for this manual identification and insertion to be more cost-effective than editing PDF output after OCR takes place as remediation.

– View image with heads-up display.

– Graphically select:

  • Zones – either manually or auto-zone
  • Accuracy level of each zone
  • Zone content restriction
  • Output type

– Rotate image and save within PrimeView.

– Add tag descriptors for Section 508/accessibility projects.

– Manual QA of images via fast review and sorting/moving of “bad” images into an exception directory


  • Windows-based workstation.


  • Intel PC or100% compatible computer.
  • A hard disk with 20 megabytes (Meg) of space for installation
  • At least 64 megabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM), 128 megabytes recommended.  Additional memory may be required for processing color/grayscale or higher resolution images.
  • If using USB based hardware key then an active USB key port is required. No ports are required if using software license.

Pricing of PrimeView is on a per-seat/operator/machine basis. While manual zoning can be done quickly with PrimeView, inserting alternate text for generating accessible, 508 compliant PDF output, may take additional operators and thus additional PrimeView licenses.

Please contact us at or give us a call at (425)895-0550 to discuss pricing. We can usually get a temporary license set up and configured while we wait for payment to be completed.

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