PrimeVerify is used for high-speed verification and clean up of OCR errors.

Although PrimeOCR reduces many errors typically found in OCR, some users choose to review each suspect character that PrimeOCR identifies.

By displaying the original image and outlining the low confidence character, PrimeVerify increases verification productivity and reduces operational costs inherent with other verification systems.

Coupled with PrimeOCR’s high accuracy OCR engine, PrimeVerify’s core features minimize labor costs, decrease conversion time, and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.


  • View original image with a heads-up display.
  • Low suspect characters/words marked for quick verification.
  • Zoom in/out on image and surrounding text.
  • Modify level of confidence.  (Some users only want to verify very low confidence characters).
  • Export to various file formats:
    • ASCII
    • Formatted ASCII
    • RTF
    • PDF (multiple types)
    • HTML
    • XML
    • Tab-delimited
    • ZyIndex
    • Custom
  • Optimized for high-speed keying and image/file management.
  • File-based.  The application can reside on network and process any directory, sub-directories, or files on the network.
  • Can exist as a certified Capture/InputAccel module


  • Windows-based workstation.


  • Intel PC or100% compatible computer.
  • A hard disk with 20 megabytes (Meg) of space for installation
  • At least 64 megabytes of Random Access Memory (RAM), 128 megabytes recommended. Additional memory may be required for processing color/grayscale or higher resolution images.
  • If using USB based hardware key then an active USB key port is required. No ports are required if using software license.

How To Buy/Pricing

Pricing of PrimeVerify is on a per-seat/operator/machine basis.

Please contact us at or give us a call at (425)895-0550 to discuss pricing. We can usually get a temporary license set up and configured while we wait for payment to be completed.

Additional Information