MaxxVault Enterprise Document Management Now Uses Prime Recognition’s PrimeOCR

MaxxVault Enterprise Document Management Now Uses Prime Recognition’s PrimeOCR

MaxxVault LLC specializes in enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). Prime Recognition provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for high volume and production document scanning centers. Both companies are pleased to announce that MaxxVault LLC has embedded the Prime Recognition suite of OCR tools, providing MaxxVault Enterprise customers with the highest OCR accuracy available.

MaxxVault Enterprise captures and stores documents in a secure yet easily accessible system. Fast and accurate indexing is crucial for proper filing, retrieval and processing of documents. PrimeOCR extracts index data and converts scanned images to text searchable documents with unparalleled speed and precision. “98% OCR accuracy is not good enough,” says Ken Bly, CTO for MaxxVault LLC. “In Prime Recognition we found a technology partner that can virtually eliminate OCR errors, enabling MaxxVault Enterprise users to scan and index documents faster, improving efficiency and saving them money.”

Prime Recognition passes images through multiple OCR engines and uses Voting technology along with Artificial Intelligent algorithms to achieve 65-80% better accuracy than conventional OCR software. As well, a very poor quality image can cause a conventional OCR product to “crash”. PrimeOCR’s Automatic Engine Recovery will sense when one of the internal engines fails and automatically reinitializes it for the next image. Since other internal engines produce output on that image, PrimeOCR does not crash. This “fault tolerant” architecture eliminates downtime and consistent manual intervention. Finally, only 40-60% of errors generated by standard OCR software products are “flagged” for manual correction. By reducing the total number of errors, and generating more accurate suspicious character “flags”, PrimeOCR also reduces the total number of errors that make it into your database by 75%.

About MaxxVault

MaxxVault LLC provides software solutions for the management, distribution and control of corporate documents. Benefits of MaxxVault Enterprise include: reduced costs, improved efficiency, increased customer satisfaction and regulatory compliance. MaxxVault is an open system; it is built using the latest technology which provides enhanced security, dependability and interoperability with existing systems. For more information visit

About Prime Recognition

Prime Recognition designs and develops advanced character recognition software for the production OCR marketplace. Prime Recognition’s goal is to facilitate the acceptance of OCR by reducing errors through the use of sophisticated “Voting” technology. Founded in 1994, Prime Recognition is headquartered in Woodinville, Washington. For more information, visit