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Prime Recognition OCR Software

OCR Software - JBIG2 Compression

Smaller PDF Output - bitonal images

PrimeOCR offers the option to save bitonal scanned pages with JBIG2 compression. Resulting file sizes are much smaller when compared with the default group4 compression (Lossy compression).



Supports Adobe Acrobat

PrimeOCR JBIG2 Compression Features:

  • 50-80% fewer errors than conventional OCR engines
  • Supports processing of thousands of images
  • Supports large multi-page TIFFs
  • Capability to process sub-directories
  • Manual/Template or Auto-zoning options
  • Control of Image Enhancement to increase OCR accuracy
  • Desampling function available to further reduce file size

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"The University of Michigan Digital Library Production Services is extraordinarily pleased with the increase in OCR quality made possible through the use of PrimeOCR. Scalability is a critical issue in digital libraries, and Prime Recognition has contributed to our creating a large and scalable digital library production service."
~ John Price-Wilkin, University of Michigan

"PrimeOCR gives us a much cleaner document before verification than most OCR packages do after verification."  ~ Doug Thompson, Scan Center of America

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