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OCR Conversion

PrimeOCR's high accuracy OCR is available through our conversion services department.

PrimeConversion Services specializes in high accuracy image to digital conversions.  We handle jobs as small as 500 pages to as large as millions of pages.  Give us a call or send us e-mail for current capacity and/or a job quote.


  • Access to PrimeOCR - the most accurate OCR software on the market - without the need to purchase or maintain it.

  • High Accuracy PDF - PrimeOCR now supports all three PDF file types.

  • Fast turnaround - we can turn jobs within 24 hours depending on job size and capacity.  Please call for current capacity.

  • High accuracy results - 80% fewer errors than conventional OCR for your entire project.

  • Exception processing - PrimeOCR can generate output on images that may GPF other OCR engines.

  • Optional character confidence reporting - if you choose to perform verification, we can provide the most accuracy "suspect" character marking of any OCR product.

  • Support for a variety of Image Resolutions - 200, 240, 300, 400, 600 including Standard FAX.

  • Lower prices than typical conversion services.



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OCR Consulting

Prime Recognition is known in the industry as a leader in OCR accuracy.  Along with PrimeOCR, other products have been developed to optimize document workflow through the imaging process, including high reliability OCR software.

We can provide consulting services to help your organization be more cost effective in image processing and performing digital conversion services at a manageable rate.

Please call with requirements and questions you may have for consulting projects.

OCR Engineering Services

Along with off the shelf imaging applications, Prime Recognition's Engineering Services department provides solutions to diverse imaging workflows.  This may include engineering support in integrating PrimeOCR's API/SDK into a customer's product, or developing and modifying existing products for customer specific applications.

Engineering projects have been developed from existing applications, while others have been integrated into customer dedicated applications.

Please let us know how our OCR Engineering Services can help your project.

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"InfoEdge has experienced up to 50% reduction in OCR errors through the use of the voting technique.   (PrimeOCR) ... Editing and correction of OCR errors can be the single largest cost in some applications, and reducing that cost can significantly reduce the bottom line of the entire project." ~ KMWorld

"The University of Michigan Digital Library Production Services is extraordinarily pleased with the increase in OCR quality made possible through the use of PrimeOCR. Scalability is a critical issue in digital libraries, and Prime Recognition has contributed to our creating a large and scalable digital library production service."
~ John Price-Wilkin, University of Michigan

"PrimeOCR gives us a much cleaner document before verification than most OCR packages do after verification."  ~ Doug Thompson, Scan Center of America

"PrimeOCR provides the highest OCR accuracy available to the production market.  This high accuracy combined with PrimeOCR's flexible architecture prods us with a powerful OCR platform to offer our customers." ~ Robert J. Perry, Webhire

"What we release to the public, by law, must be 100% correct.  PrimeOCR has significantly reduced errors, allowing us a faster turn-around time to publish a document."  ~ Rick Essex Rotunda

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