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Prime Recognition has teamed with leading imaging technology partners to provide reliable, professional, production imaging solutions:

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Prime Recognition's PrimeOCR Voting OCR software is available as an   Capture/InputAccel - Certified Module.   Capture/InputAccel is an open integration platform for designing, controlling, and managing the document capture process.  PrimeOCR for Capture/InputAccel allows images captured through Capture/InputAccel to be routed to a PrimeOCR server for high accuracy machine print recognition.

PrimeVerify is also available as a module under Capture/InputAccel providing fast, reliable, accurate character verification.

Maxx Vault MaxxVault LLC specializes in enterprise Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). Prime Recognition provides Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology for high volume and production document scanning centers. Both companies are pleased to announce that MaxxVault LLC has embedded the Prime Recognition suite of OCR tools, providing MaxxVault Enterprise customers with the highest OCR accuracy available.
PTFS Logo PTFS gains access to high accuracy OCR by accessing PrimeOCR in their PTFS' Digital Archiving Solutions.   PTFS' Digital Archiving Solutions offer advanced, affordable tools and services to manage and keep pace with valuable and rapidly expanding digital collections. PTFS is a leading digital library total solution provider.
eDocuStream Logo DocuStream is a leader in high-volume transaction processing for the healthcare industry, serving both Payors and Providers with timely and accurate processing of claims and remittance notices/EOBs, even when the data originates on paper or in different electronic formats.   Docustream includes PrimeOCR for high accuracy OCR results.

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Total Solutions leverages PrimeOCR's voting technology to generate high accuracy results. Using Kofax release scripts, images are managed through PrimeOCR and can be exported to flat files or released into Documentum.  Output types include highly accurate PDF image plus hidden text and PDF image only.

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Nuance, , formerly ScanSoft, formerly Caere, is a leader in OCR technology and provides some of the technology that is integrated into PrimeOCR.
Hummingbird Logo Hummingbird provides imaging components to software developers and systems integrators to build powerful imaging solutions.
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"InfoEdge has experienced up to 50% reduction in OCR errors through the use of the voting technique.   (PrimeOCR) ... Editing and correction of OCR errors can be the single largest cost in some applications, and reducing that cost can significantly reduce the bottom line of the entire project." ~ KMWorld

"PrimeOCR gives us a much cleaner document before verification than most OCR packages do after verification."  ~ Doug Thompson, Scan Center of America

"PrimeOCR provides the highest OCR accuracy available to the production market.  This high accuracy combined with PrimeOCR's flexible architecture prods us with a powerful OCR platform to offer our customers." ~ Robert J. Perry, Webhire

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