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Licensing F.A.Q.

Below are answers to common licensing questions.

Does your software require a hardware key?

  • PrimeOCR can now be managed with either a software key or USB hardware key.  At the time of purchase you can specify which method you want to use for managing the license.

What are the advantages of using a hardware key versus a software license?

  • Software licenses are issued for a specific PC.  A hardware key can be moved from one PC to another.  The software will run if the hardware key is plugged into the computer.
  • If the PC ever fails then a software license must be re-issued by a multi-step process with our licensing personnel.  A hardware key on other hand can be un-plugged from the failed PC and plugged into another PC and OCR continues without interruption.
  • A software license enables you to get started immediately.  The evaluation software is managed through a software license and can be used until a hardware key is shipped to you.

How do you license the software - on a per seat basis?

  • PrimeOCR is licensed on a per PC basis.
  • Customers usually license a copy of PrimeOCR and use it as a centralized OCR server that runs on a dedicated, fast PC.  Any number of users that have access to the server on the network can submit jobs to the OCR server over the network.
  • If a single license is not enough capacity then additional licenses can be purchased to increase the overall OCR capacity.
  • PrimeView and PrimeVerify are separate applications from PrimeOCR and are licensed on a per PC basis but unlike PrimeOCR these applications can be used by a single user so the license for a copy of PrimeView and PrimeVerify is essentially on a per seat basis.
  • Contact sales if you have additional questions regarding licensing.

Do you offer a site license?

  • A site license is not currently available.

My original purchase did not include PDF output.   How easy it to upgrade?

  • Since all products are shipped with each release, upgrading is simply a question of paying for the new option and then upgrading the license through and email update.  Once payment has been made we will send you a small program that will update your license to enable the newly purchased feature.

How can I get the latest release?

  • Contact your sales rep for access to the latest release of the software.
  • To receive the latest release of the software all items licensed must be currently on maintenance. 
  • Minor upgrades and maintenance releases are free while major upgrades may be available at a discount.
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"The University of Michigan Digital Library Production Services is extraordinarily pleased with the increase in OCR quality made possible through the use of PrimeOCR. Scalability is a critical issue in digital libraries, and Prime Recognition has contributed to our creating a large and scalable digital library production service."
~ John Price-Wilkin, University of Michigan

"PrimeOCR gives us a much cleaner document before verification than most OCR packages do after verification."  ~ Doug Thompson, Scan Center of America

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