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Below are answers to some of the most common questions we hear from our customers regarding installation of Prime Recognition products.

Can I download PrimeOCR from the web?

  • Yes, please contact your sales rep to gain access to the latest release (maintenance must be up to date).  Custom solutions or changes may be delivered as e-mail attachments.

What are the limitations of the evaluation software?

  • The evaluation software includes all the features of the released software but is limited in page count and includes an expiration date.  Contact your sales rep for additional pages or an extension of the evaluation period.  Updates can be made through email.

When I run PrimeOCR it reports that I am out of pages.

  • The evaluation software download includes 150 pages to process.  Contact your sales rep if you require additional pages for extended reliability testing or for multiple PC installation testing.  Updates can be made through email.

How do I update my license?

  • Run the softwarekeyread.exe program that is in the \prdev\bin directory and send the softwarekeyread.log file to your sales rep.

I plan on processing foreign language documents - do I need additional modules to process them?

  • An additional download is required to install the foreign language option pack.  Contact your sales rep for the correct download.

  • An additional download is required for recognition of Asian languages (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).

How do I start PrimeOCR after installation?

  • There are several sample images included with PrimeOCR's Job Server.

  • Start the Job Server by clicking on the Windows Start menu, select the Prime Recognition program group under the Programs menu, and select the PrimeOCR Job Server.

  • Click the "Start" button and watch the Job Server process test image files in both the "Priority Job Directory", and the "Job Directory."   When all jobs are complete, you can review the OCR results in the "Images" directory.  As shipped, the output directory is the same as the input directory, the "Images" directory.

How do I selectively OCR just a portion of my image?

  • Manual zoning is done with the PrimeView application.  Contact your sales rep if you would like to evaluate PrimeView.

  • Start PrimeView by selecting "PrimeView" from the "Prime Recognition" program group.

  • Load the image you want to manually zone.

  • Select the output format type, then select the portion of the image you would like to OCR by pointing and dragging a zone over that portion of the image.

  • Save the zone template, and submit the job to the "Job Server."

  • When the Job Server processes the image it will read the zone coordinates form the template file (.PTM) and will only OCR that portion of the image.  Template files are text readable and editable files so PrimeView is not required to generate template files, but makes it easy to graphically select and define zones.

How do I generate Accessible PDF files?

  • Contact your sales rep if you would like to generate accessible PDF results.  There are several different options available depending on the types of images to be processed and your Section 508 requirements.

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"The University of Michigan Digital Library Production Services is extraordinarily pleased with the increase in OCR quality made possible through the use of PrimeOCR. Scalability is a critical issue in digital libraries, and Prime Recognition has contributed to our creating a large and scalable digital library production service."
~ John Price-Wilkin, University of Michigan

"PrimeOCR gives us a much cleaner document before verification than most OCR packages do after verification."  ~ Doug Thompson, Scan Center of America

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